Brand New Corthay Kleber Oxford Calf Leather Lie de vin patina


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 Brand New Corthay handmade Kleber oxfords

Perched atop the mast of L’Arca, Pierre felt he could touch the stars… His grandfather taught him the art of navigating by the stars during the long summer crossings on the Mediterranean Sea. The star became the symbol of Maison Corthay.Pierre Corthay’s atelier in Paris still considers crafting shoes to be an art. Sleek designs, top-notch leather and the skill of Corthay’s artisans ensure that each pair is a hand-made masterpiece. Shoes from Corthay are elegant and sophisticated. They are extremely carefully hand-finished which results in shoes with rich, dynamic and intense patinas. Only a limited number of pairs is made each year, therefor shoe enthusiasts have to wait for months for their special order to be completed. 

 These Corthay Arca are sold with Lasted wooden shoe trees included.

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