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Maison Koly, bottier intemporel is a bootmaker brand

Posted by TheStyleRush on 2019 Jan 31st

Maison Koly, le bottier intemporel, is a bootmaker brand from Montreal, Canada. Their shoes are hand crafted both in Northampton and also by Enzo Bonafe in Italy. They designed and developed a model named Le Guez De Balzac, which is a full strap easy gussets oxford. As a limited edition of only 100 pairs, each shoe has been meticulously hand crafted in exclusive gold museum calf leather. With fluid lines and the distinctive chisel toe last of Bonafe every aspect of the shoe exudes prestige and attention to the details. The shoes can be ordered at Even if the shoes look good in the pictures the true experience only starts when you walk with these on your feet. It really feels like wearing bespoke shoes...