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Enzo Bonafè - Made to Order

Enzo Bonafè - Made to Order

Enzo Bonafè - Made to Order

Bonafè carries thousands of styles, dozens of lasts and the possibilities are almost endless.

Enzo Bonafè offers a Made to Order program on all styles for a 20% surcharge

This allows you to order any style with your choice of leather, last, sole, and liner

Timeframe for Made to Order Enzo Bonafè shoes is approx 3-4 months

GMTO is offered for 4 pairs +


Base prices 

Blake construction shoes or chukka boots $500

Hand welted shoes or chukka boots $599

Linear norvegese welt shoes or chukka boots $800

Chained norvegese welt shoes or chukka boots $824



Blake construction boots $682

Hand welted boots $800

Linear norvegese boots $860

Chained norvegese boot $889


Extra options

Custom last creation +$625

Design of new style +$625

Shoe trees +$119

Fur insole +$24

Complete fur lining +94.

Dainite sole +$14

Storm welt +$14

Metal toe +$71



Cordovan shoes $374

Cordovan chukka boots $427

Cordovan boots +$616


Resoling (shipping at customer's expense) $239

Wider last modification $29

Higher instep modification $29


Material surcharges

Peccary +$119

Baby Croco +$2319

Croco Flanks +$533


Tejus +$299

Lizard +$415


Shark +$355

Stingray +$589


Ostrich +$326

Heavy design modifications and pattern changes will incur a 30% surcharge.

Many other material options and customizations are available, please inquire at

for details.

We require a 50% deposit to process any made to order request with the balance due prior to delivery